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The seaside resort of Carnac

This year, why not choose Brittany for your summer vacation? The seaside resort of Carnac, nestled in the bay of Quiberon, invites you to enjoy its unique atmosphere. Alone, as a couple or with your loved ones, stock up on memories in the seaside resort of Carnac, between nature, culture and sports activities. Set down your suitcases at the hotel Le Celtique, located a stone's throw from the Grande Plage and discover what has made the seaside resort of Carnac a destination appreciated by all for more than a century.

From prehistory...

The history of Carnac begins long before the town became the seaside resort we know today. Indeed, we record the passage of the first inhabitants of the site about 450,000 years ago! The Prehistory Museum of Carnac will teach you more about the origins of the city, but also about the peoples between 4,900 and 2,200 years BC who erected the dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs and tumulus still shrouded in mystery today.

Morbihan is home to 550 megalithic sites and the alignments of Carnac are undoubtedly the most famous. Agricultural calendar, old Gallic cemetery, sacred ways? The standing stones of the sites of Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan feed the legends and nobody really knows the meaning of these alignments of menhirs made by the Neolithic populations.

In the 19th century…

Carnac evolved over the centuries to become a small rural town, still far from the seaside resort of Carnac as it is today. The approximately 3,000 inhabitants of Carnac particularly exploit the resources of the sea and it was only with the arrival of the train after 1880 that new populations came to settle on the coast.

It was also during this period that tourism was born, thanks to the industrial revolution and the railway lines that appeared in Brittany. Carnac then attracted many writers such as Victor Hugo, Prosper Mérimée or Gustave Flaubert, but also painters who appreciated its particular luminosity and its preserved landscapes. The city is developing with the development of the coast and the dune that borders the Grande Plage.

To the seaside resort of the 20th century

The development of tourism at the beginning of the 20th century led to the development of building trades, oyster farming, hotels and leisure trade in the seaside resort of Carnac, while agriculture gradually lost ground. With its unique climate and friendly atmosphere, the city quickly gained a reputation as an essential seaside resort. Belle Époque villas flourished on the seaside and more and more visitors came. The city had to adapt to this new population and acquired new structures throughout the century, including a Thalassotherapy Center opened in 1978.

Sandy beaches, nautical activities, museums, shops and restaurants… The seaside resort of Carnac has everything to ensure you have an exciting holiday in Brittany. From the hotel Le Celtique, explore the region, the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer, the Quiberon peninsula or Vannes, classified as a City of Art and History, about thirty minutes from Carnac.

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