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Le Cairn Carnac: a meeting between prehistory and gastronomy in the heart of Morbihan

When you think of Brittany, you think of its rugged coastline, crystal clear waters and, of course, the illustrious alignments of Carnac. The famous prehistoric menhirs have made the town famous and are a must see when visiting Morbihan. There are many megalithic sites in the region: take the plunge and discover the menhirs of Carnac. And as a bonus, discover Le Cairn, a gastronomic restaurant not to be missed during your visit.

In the footsteps of our ancestors at Gavrinis Cairn

Before we look at the most famous of the Carnac cairns, we need to explain something. Not everyone is familiar with these unusual structures! They are prehistoric megalithic monuments, in the case of those found in Europe. Let's be more precise: a cairn, also known as a tumulus, is a dry-stone burial mound that houses a dolmen. They are true architectural gems from the Neolithic period. Menhirs are another type of megalith, of which there are many in Brittany.

The Gavrinis cairn is located on the small island of the same name in Morbihan. To see this extraordinary site with your own eyes, you'll need to take a boat to the island from the port of Larmor-Baden, near Carnac. It's a wonderful visit to make as part of a family stay at the Celtique Hotel, which has a magnificent view over the Gulf of Morbihan and the Brittany coast.

Visit the prehistoric Carnac Cairn in Kercado

Another site not to be missed by budding explorers and lovers of prehistory is Kercado. This cairn in Carnac, also known as the Dolmen or Tumulus of Kercado, is one of the town's world-famous megalithic monuments. First discovered in 1863, it is the largest known. It is thought to be the oldest dolmen in Europe. This structure has contributed to the city's worldwide reputation and is a priceless part of mankind's heritage. 

Excavations have unearthed a wealth of artefacts from the period. An exploration in the footsteps of our distant ancestors, in the heart of Brittany, which promises magical moments between the imaginary and the real, appealing to young and old alike.

Le Cairn Carnac at the Hôtel Le Celtique

Another famous Carnac Cairn is our hotel restaurant. In fact, we have named this restaurant after all the cairns in the Carnac region. Le Cairn is therefore the restaurant of the Hotel Le Celtique. Although it is not a historical visit, it is very much part of our Breton heritage, thanks to our chef's cuisine, which is a real tribute to Breton and French specialities. A gastronomic universe with an Art Deco atmosphere, opening onto a quiet street in Carnac. As you approach your dishes, your eyes will dip into the sea and your palate will savour the iodised flavours we serve. With generosity and authenticity, come and enjoy a unique moment of sharing, for example after a day of visiting the cairns of the region! The restaurant Le Cairn Carnac at the Hôtel Le Celtique is the place to be if you want to enjoy the finest seafood dishes prepared by our chef, Pierre-Henri Bourguignon.

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