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Weekend in Carnac

Since it no longer makes sense to spend energy recklessly and to behave with a "No Future" attitude that has been the norm during the previous century of tourism development, Le Celtique wants to contribute to the collective effort and is committed to acquiring GreenGlobe certification, which covers aspects tied to:
•    Sustainable development
•    Social and economic matters
•    Cultural heritage
•    The environment as a whole

Consequently, Le Celtique & Spa wanted to take an environmentally-friendly approach to designing the buildings that were being entirely renovated:
•    Reinforced insulation in line with norm RT 2012.
•    Replacement of all doors and windows with super-insulating models.

Day-to-day considerations

Yet equally, and above all, day-to-day operations is where most attention is paid:

•    Use of energy-saving light bulbs throughout the establishment.
•    Installation of flow regulators on all taps
•    Use of reusable pump dispensers for all complimentary toiletries in bathrooms and toilets.
•    Reverse air-conditioning heating system powered by a heat pump for a more economical energy balance.
•    Using local providers wherever possible.