What is there to discover ?

One town, one history, one legende, Brittany has many ones.. Let’s discover the most beautiful villages of the Gulf of Morbihan.


Carnac is a celt name which means hill ar elevation, Carnac has many histories and legends.

Archaeologists discovered remains of habitations of people dating back to the Paleolitic near 450 000 befor Jesus Christ.


Erdeven, is the breton “ardeven” which means sand dune.
Erdeven takes its name from these dunes that line it along the sea.

It is a also a village rich in prehistorism history, this carnac’s little sister has also got menhirs : kerzhero. Discorver these menhirs and dolmens, by foot : there is 2km of walk ways that will take your breath away.


Vannes is the capital of Morbihan, charming and beautiful, it will seduce you by it’s old history of 2000 years, but also it’s breton culture.

Vannes was the old town of the Gaulois people (= vénètes) . This is the only town in brittany that has it’s port in its town center.
One thing is for sure in Vannes is that we stroll, we walk and we discover unusual places on every street corner.

La Trinité sur Mer

At the beginning it was just a fishing village. Today, it is a famous town and one of the jewels of Morbihan.

The main attraction of the city: boating.
Indeed, at first, the port was used for trade then fishing and now it has become a world reference for pleasure sailing and competition.


Plouharnel was built on a dune massif that was created 2000 years ago, thanks to the regression of the sea level but also by the prevailing winds.

Plouharnel is also a commune of character thanks to its architecture like no other. Come visit its old town with its houses of XVI and XVII centuries, its narrow streets and 2 abbeys.


It is called the Wild Coast thanks to its particular flora: carnations, violet heather, broom, armériec, etc …

The magic thing in Quiberon is that you can walk, cycle, kayak or even ride.

Located at the southern tip of Brittany, the peninsula of Quiberon has forged a reputation and one of the excursions not to miss by coming in the Gold of Morbihan.